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As an IT-expert and service provider with several years of experience with trading software we provide individual software solutions for analytical work and full- and semi-automatic trading strategies. These solutions will be available to you around-the-clock to test and implement your strategies.

NinjaTrader, MultiCharts and MetaTrader are the three most widely used programs for processing market data. We develop custom-made software-solutions for these programs to implement your strategies in the most optimal way.


With MultiCharts, NinjaTrader or MetaTrader indicators which are designed with your specific interests in mind you see exactly what need to see in any situation.

You would like to adjust, expand or combine existing indicators?

  • You have an idea for completely new indicators? We will work out the best way to realize your ideas with you.
  • You would like to receive detailed feedback from your indicators on your smart device or per email?
  • You would like to analyze the results of your Indicators outside of MultiCharts or NinjaTrader?

We are available for these and further tasks.

Chartdarstellung der Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands

Developed in the 1980s by John Bollinger, Bollinger Bands are widely used as a technical analysis tool.

Bollinger Bands use a moving average with two trading bands above and below it to measure the volatility of a stock price.

Stochastic Momentum Index

This Indicator compares the median of the high- and low values to the current close price and is used to indicate overbought or oversold conditions in a market.

As such the SMI provides a good indication of divergence.

Chartdarstellung des Stochastic Momentum Index
Chartdarstellung der Ichimoku-Cloud


The Ichimoku-Cloud is a technical analysis indicator which uses support and resistance levels as well as momentum and trend direction.

In Japan it is called “Ichimoku Kinko Hyo” which loosely translates to "one look equilibrium chart". A trader can get a lot of information out of the Ichimoku-Cloud.

Darstellung der plattformübergreifenden Kalkulationslogik
NinjaTrader, MultiCharts und MetaTrader

NinjaTrader, MultiCharts and MetaTrader are the three most widely used programs for processing market data. We develop custom indicators and strategies for our customers to be used with these programs. These help our customers to make the right decisions in the market and to execute trades fully- and semi-automated.

Additionally, we can develop platform independent logic for your indicators in NinjaTrader, MultiCharts and MetaTrader so it can be efficiently integrated into the specific platforms.

We develop automatic tools to inspect the data from your data provider for various properties.

We have already developed and used several tools to find time offsets, time gaps, data gaps and data differences between different machines.

Your strategies require special conditions in the quality of incoming market data? We are able to develop a tool that analyzes incoming market data for these conditions and notifies you if they are not met.

For the perfect solution to your needs we are able to use a broad range of technologies such as .NET, Access, Excel and C++.

Data Analysis

The data you are receiving from your data providers are not always without errors. To make the optimal decisions in the market it is extremely important to understand the detailed properties of incoming data from your data providers so that you use the right input to guide your decisions.

We already developed several tools and processes to analyze market data. Depending on your needs we are able to use a broad range of technologies such as .NET, Access, Excel and C++.

Frontenddarstellung der Datenanalyse
Data provider

Nowadays there is a host of data providers with several reasons to choose one or the other.

You can choose the data provider you are most comfortable with because we are able to make various data types from any provider available to you.

You want to use market data from multiple data providers at the same time? With the help of our analytical tools we are able to compare the data from those providers and provide the conclusions you need to make your decisions. Of course, we can also make the combined data feed available to you for further use.

As soon as we have made the data available, we can integrate it into any application of your choosing. As such you have the flexibility of data provider selection and can be assured of a solid base for your analytical and trading operations.

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Trading Strategies

We can develop signals that use default indicators or even your own custom indicators to execute trading decisions fully- and semi-automated.

Do you have the perfect plan for your trading strategy? We can make your plans reality by developing custom indicators based on your ideas.

Do you prefer to test your strategy before using it for actual trades? We can develop the tools you need to test your strategy with various settings on historical and real time data and to analyze the results of these tests thoroughly.

Do you want to expand your trading strategy, or do you want to create a brand-new trading strategy? We would be happy to create your own strategy with you.

Contact us today! We develop custom software solutions for your strategies and integrate them into NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, MetaTrader or other analytical software.

Frontenddarstellung Tradingstrategie
Distributed Analytical and Trading Systems

The current trading platforms on the market bundle all necessary steps into one big application.

This limits you as a user to exactly one instance of your current workspace and limits the performance of your system to your computer or your smartphone.

Darstellung des Analyse und Handelssystem mit Data Provider, Backend, Frontend

Devside handles the distribution of your trading strategy. By splitting the system into several components which are each responsible for specific tasks the performance and flexibility of your trading strategy increases substantially, and you are able to implement and control your strategy in the best way possible.

After transferring the calculation of your indicators, markers and alerts to a separate system we can utilize the full processing power for this singular task. Those calculations will be running 24/7 in a network, independent from your usage of the system.

The results of these calculations will be stored on a separate system to be made available for your future use on your devices.

Subsequently, you can access the results of your trading strategies without delays and independent of the platform you are using. By combining several separate components, it is possible to utilize the best possible implementation, presentation and control of your trading strategy and you are able to focus on the evaluation and management of your trading strategy.

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